Can I request a custom sweater?

At this point in time I am not accepting custom sweater orders, sorry!

How do you source your materials?

I am a wizard. Just kidding! I love to thrift and hunt for materials that catch my eye or have wonderful texture. I also vocalize to friends and family that if they have sweaters that are no longer wearable or need new homes, I have a use for them.

How do you size your sweaters?

This is a tough one, because I use a variety of sweaters to create each piece. Also - all sweaters have different fits and some people like them looser or more fitted! I size based on my experience with fits, and I am MORE than happy to talk to you via email about the exact measurements of a piece. You can also check out the House of Ell instagram to see if I have a photo of a model wearing the sweater you're interested in, so you can see how it fits a real human body!

How can I care for my House of Ell Sweater?

I highly recommend washing by hand, and drying by laying flat on a towel. This is because each sweater is made with a variety of materials that may react differently to a machine wash. I don't want your sweater to warp! If you're desperate to try washing it in a machine, I recommend a delicate cycle on a cold setting. And never put your sweater in the dryer!

What is your return policy?

I do my best to represent the sweaters and their colours as accurately as possible, but I cannot guarantee that the colours will match exactly what is displayed on your screen. Please check with me before purchasing if you are worried about that. If there is a problem with the garment within a month of purchasing it, please get in touch with me! I will not accept returns after a month, if you have washed it, or if it has become dammaged for reasons outside of the actual construction of the garment.

Got any more Q's? Don't hesitate to contact us for A's!